Trades/Courses Available in the ITIs of Madhya Pradesh
Trade Type:  
1 Computer Aided Embroidery And Designing (SCVT)10th1 Sem.
2 Data Entry Operator (NCVT)10th1 Sem.
3 Driver Cum Mechanic (Light Motor Vehicle) (NCVT)10th1 Sem.
4 Front Office Assistant (SCVT)10th1 Sem.
5 Preparatory School Management (Assistant) (NCVT)10th1 Sem.
6 Sanitary Hardware fitter (NCVT)10th1 Sem.
7 Agro Processing (SCVT)10th2 Sem.
8 Agro Processing (NCVT)10th2 Sem.
9 Architectural Assistant (NCVT)10th2 Sem.
10 Architectural Assistant (SCVT)10th2 Sem.
11 Baker & Confectioner (SCVT)10th2 Sem.
12 Basic Cosmetology (SCVT)10th2 Sem.
13 Basic Cosmetology (NCVT)10th2 Sem.
14 Carpenter (NCVT)10th2 Sem.
15 Carpenter (SCVT)10th2 Sem.
16 Computer Hardware and Network Maintenance (SCVT)10th2 Sem.
17 Computer Operator and Programing Assistant (SCVT)10th2 Sem.
18 Computer Operator and Programing Assistant (NCVT)10th2 Sem.
19 Craftsman Food Production (Vegetarian) (NCVT)10th2 Sem.
20 Cutting and Sewing (NCVT)10th2 Sem.
21 Cutting and Sewing (SCVT)10th2 Sem.
22 Desktop Publishing Operator (SCVT)10th2 Sem.
23 Desktop Publishing Operator (NCVT)10th2 Sem.
24 Digital Photographer (NCVT)10th2 Sem.
25 Dress Making (SCVT)10th2 Sem.
26 Dress Making (NCVT)10th2 Sem.
27 Fashion Design and Technology (NCVT)10th2 Sem.
28 Fashion Design and Technology (SCVT)10th2 Sem.
29 Fire Technology and Industrial Safety Management (NCVT)10th2 Sem.
30 Floriculture and Landscaping (SCVT)10th2 Sem.
31 Food Beverage (SCVT)10th2 Sem.
32 Foods and Vegetable Processing (SCVT)10th2 Sem.
33 Foundry man Technician (NCVT)10th2 Sem.
34 Foundry man Technician (SCVT)10th2 Sem.
35 Health Sanitary Inspector (NCVT)10th2 Sem.
36 Hospital House Keeping (NCVT)10th2 Sem.
37 Hospital House Keeping (SCVT)10th2 Sem.
38 House Keeper (SCVT)10th2 Sem.
39 Industrial Painter (SCVT)10th2 Sem.
40 Information Technology (SCVT)10th2 Sem.
41 Interior Decoration and Designing (SCVT)10th2 Sem.
42 Leather Goods Maker (NCVT)10th2 Sem.
43 Litho Offset Machine Minder (NCVT)10th2 Sem.
44 Litho Offset Machine Minder (SCVT)10th2 Sem.
45 Mason (Building Constructor) (SCVT)10th2 Sem.
46 Mason (Building Constructor) (NCVT)10th2 Sem.
47 Mechanic (Tractor) (NCVT)10th2 Sem.
48 Mechanic (Tractor) (SCVT)10th2 Sem.
49 Mechanic Diesel Engine (NCVT)10th2 Sem.
50 Mechanic Diesel Engine (SCVT)10th2 Sem.